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Friday, March 30, 2007

I am a leaf on the wind

One of my big things is picking up on the hot new things of a few years back. That's why I'm obsessively listening to Sufjan Stevens, and why I'm halfway through watching Firefly.

Firstly, this thing has about a million quotable lines. It's like Casablanca in that respect, where a good 50% of the diologue is so classic people think it was said by Shakespeare and made everyone nearby say ""Good one, Shakespeare"".

Secondly, It's a western. No, I don't mean like Star Wars, a sci-fi with anti-authoritarian themes and a budget for flights to Tunisia. I mean, like, the opening credits have horses and a nasal guy singing about how the big sky meakes him feel free. It's about veterans of a war of seccesion who live a criminal lifestyle in the poorly-policed frontier. So far I have seen a duel over a prostitute's honour and a bar brawl where a guy got thrown through a plate-glass saloon window. It's seriously a western. There are also spaceships.

I love genre hybids.

Thirdly, I'm kind of glad I saw Serenity before the series. Although it's the wrong way around, chronologically... man, Serenity was brutal enough when I didn't have a crush on more than half the characters.

Damn those Reavers. Damn them to hell.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'd like to quash a rumour.

While opening a tough package by hand at the quick-e-mart where I stack shelves for pennies, I did not (NOT) accidentally punch myself in a place not generally amenable to punching.

This is not a CV moment.

Text messages I have sent and received today

This happened a while after an IM conversation in which I revealed that I have been dancing about all day because the DVD rental fairies have bought me a) some episodes of Firefly and b) the concluding part of the Lord of the Rings.

Them: We're also watching Return of the King.

Me: I'm at the "Guarding the beacon in the mountains that hasn't been used in a hundred years must be a really sucky job" stage. Also, Denethor is a total asshat.

Them: If I'm correct then he's about to get his come uppance. Or downance. On fireance.

She's a clever girl.*

*Side note: I normally wouldn't use this construction because it implies "clever, for a girl". If you don't believe me, ask Joe Biden. Still, I couldn't resist the Jurassic park reference.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The amazing Randi

A little update on my life: something about the way I sleep has just barred me from a psychology experiment. And just before the stage where it paid cash, too.

Still, there were drawbacks with this experiment. For one, I'd have to spend my tuesdays in a box doing reaction time tests. For another, I'd have had to shave so that theyc ould glue electrodes to my face.

Now, although a little poorer, I can go back to working on my goal of how I want to look by the time I am 35, 55, and 75.

P.S. I <3 James Randi

PPS: Inthe month of March so far, Loughborough has had a stapping, a shooting, a rape and four "sexual assaults". Admittedly, the good folks of the Distric tof Columbia see this waiting in the Starbucks queue, but Loughborough's a market town with a population less than 60 000. I hate the East Midlands and aspire to leave them soon.

PPS. I now use the phrase "I less than 3 it" quite often. So far, no-one has ever gotten it straight off.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I hope I'm not the only one who googled "what time is it?" before sunrise this morning.