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Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm in a library

I have lots of interesting things to say, but I'm in a library. Since I apparently can't shake Bullet Point Fever lately, let's break out those [ol] tags.

  1. Why do Richie and I make theologians so angry? Religion, Skepticism, and the meaning of the word "really".

  2. TV and Radio, 200 years ago and 200 years to come: Podcasts, vblogs, and Did I just spend nine hours watching The Show with ZeFrank?
  3. Why am I, an admitted geek, so unwilling to check out 90% of fantasy books because they have swords on the cover?

Maybe one of these will one day be a real blog post, but not until I make it back off the peninsula.

Have a happy Saturnalia.

P.S. Does anyone know of a university with a goode Renewable Energy Lab and a PhD stipend going begging?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


1). When I came to stay in this house 5 days ago, there was a full five-litre carton of cooking oil by the oven. It is now a little over half-full. Only two people use any.

2). When I came to stay in this house 5 days ago, there was a cheesegrater just below the surface of some murky grey water in the sink, much like the Dead marshes near the Black Gate of Mordor. This situation is completely unchanged.

3). I aspire to never live in an all-mnale household.

4). This house has good heating. Being cold is for chumps.

5). I re-set my alarm five times. Getting up early has won my 2006 "Why does a man have to start work before the sun does, that just isn't natural" award for things I don't like doing. There are other such awards.

6). December is an apporporiate time to hand out awards for the year. I likle to set an example for all my readers that are tabloid magazines.

7). The numbered list makes me want to try to think up more comments until I get to ten.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogging is as easy as...

One. I have missed my vocation.

Two. It would all be so simple if the Earth were a sandwich.

Three. I need to get out of bed now. Being depressed was a bad decision.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I've made so many mistakes

Stupid capitalist democracy. Hate so much.

I'll be entertaining tomorrow, fair reader. Right now I have to go and eat a box of mince pies through sobs of poverty and self-loathing.