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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not mentioning any names, FOX

Let's say you've made a film. Something in that film has become a cultural touchstone for millions. OK? Well done.

When you make a DVD, don't make me watch that moment, abandoned and out of context, before the menus come up. This is especially true if the moment in question is right at the start.

Fox fanfare. Star Wars theme. Menu. Fox fanfare. Star Wars theme.

It's on a par with reading copyright information in a dozen languages, it really is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Just a dream

I'm going to attempt to make a bold statement that is, neverhteless, impossible to deny.

Military intervention in a foreign country is sometimes justified
Granting naturalisation to long-term illegal immigrants is the only reasonable course of action
Political asylum is a moral duty of all countries, and one that the UK is currently failing to meet
The first three minutes and 55 seconds of The Two Towers are what "the moving pictures" were invented for.

How do you bust the clouds?

One night I overheard the prior exchanging words
with a penitent whaler from the sea
The captain of his ship (who matched you toe to tip)
was known for a wanton cruelty.

In keeping with my ambition to keep current with what cool kids were listening to two years ago, I have just purchased In the Reins and Picaresque.

I am unable to escape this thought.
Prison on Route 41 ≈ Fairytale of New York
Red Dust ≈ Hotel California

Someone please tell me I am crazy.

Also, I think I like the songs about whales and Old London Town better than the songs about horses and the summer. I'm sorry, Alyssa. I hope it is still OK for us to be friends.

EDIT: In the time it has taken me to compose this post, I have played In the Reins though the TV while workin' on tomorrow's exam in the front room. It gains greatly from bigger speakers. It's almost finished, and might well get a back-to-back playing. This race is apparently not as clear-cut as it seemed.

Sunday, June 03, 2007