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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Wrong Kind of Crazy

Well, I have definitely strayed out of thought and time. However, the report is still struggling along at the "Chapter six: wild failure" stage. I can only conclude that I have gone the wrong kind of crazy. It would explain why I went into town and spent money on buying a CD of Jonny Cash singing operatic covers of Nine Inch Nails songs. Yeah, really.


At 1:31 pm, September 02, 2007, Blogger Nathan said...

The feeling of strangeness continues as I listen to a song that starts out pretty and bittersweet and turns out to have a hook that is just the F-bomb. It's a nice song, though I'm worried that he's setting himself up for the Linkin Park effect.

(Fun fact: In sixth-form I desperately wanted to set up a band called "Lincoln Park". We would trade in dissapointment. It would have worked perfectly if I, or anyone I knew, could play any musical instrument).

At 6:45 pm, September 02, 2007, Blogger Peter said...

That's a pretty album. If you're talking about "Hurt," I believe that's a Nine Inch Nails song (though Nirvana does a cover of it also). I wish that Johnny Cash covered "Closer" instead.


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