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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Life is strange. Things often don't work out like you expected.

For example, today I expected to work in the lab until five, then go and stack shelves for a few more hours. The lab in question, by the way, is a mezzanine suspended in a huge steel shed over a cleanroom used in making silicon cells. It also shakes distressingly during thunder. I've been spending a certain amount of time watching progress bars fill up, you know.

Then it turned out that I didn't have to go into Quick-e-mart, so I figured I might come home and remind myself what the thrust coefficient is. Instead, it turns out, I'm eating yoghurt raisins with chopsticks.

My eyes feel like there's hair on them.

I thought my 250th post on the Bran Report would be something worth reading. Instead, I'm just thinking about how it will be winding down in sixty days or so. Expect more navel-gazing of that kind later.

I'm going to get some sleep.


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