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Monday, September 11, 2006

Occupational Hazards

Being a bookminer is not without it's hazards. True, we're not up against the Black lung or fallin' in, but that doesn't mean that working in an airy regency building is any less arduous.

Consider, for example, Clamp thumb, the condition of having a ridiculously over-muscled thumb on account of handling books in a danger-will-robinson kind of fashion.

What I'm suffering from right now though, is Book Throat- an irritation arising from the fact that the air I breathe at work is enriched with the sloughed-off tinger-tip skin cells of a dozen generations of student scientists.

Fun thought for the day: Where does dust go when you brush it off shelves? It swirls around in the air, mostly, until you breathe it in. Don't worry though, because almost all of that will be caught in mucus or on the tonsils and swallowed reflexively.

Enjoy your breakfast, everyone! I'm off to move a few tons of the Journal of Geological Sciences.


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