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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Facebook is a social network

Seems a lot of people are gettin' riled up about changes on the website Facebook (Which is like MySpace, but withpopped colalrs instead of black eye-liner). These changes essentially amount to tellin' you what people are updating or not, and a lot of folks are bustin' out their most high-falutin language to expound on the nature of privacy and how a website founded on the idea of tellin' people about yourself should allow you to do so in a way that no-one can see.

Personally, I'm not putting to much mental energy into it. I don't get worked up over website that probably ought to keep me awake at night. When there's bile in your belly because someone somewhere is playing with RSS, you probably aren't thinking about fragmentation landmines enough.

The world's is a constantly boiling-over pot of anguish. On the upside, I'm about to get a great night's sleep.


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