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Friday, September 01, 2006

No Planet B

These last few days, it has been my intention to find a recording of Rob Newman's latest show. It has some songs in it that I've been humming for days. The title track, "No planet B", is a dirge and anthem for sustainability. The show as a whole is a look at history intertwined with a love story that's just soaked with pathos (Especially the denouement, "Walking to Geurnica"). It also embodies my love for the absurd and tragic.
"I do not like you. You do not like me.
Ain't it pleasing that we both agree.
We are Europeans,
The original barbarians,
But we're good for cake, canals and cheese."

As such, I was very glad to find that the show (which I've heard described as a musical lecture) is online in a words-and-pictures format.

If you like being depressed and inspired, you'll like The History of the World Backwards.


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