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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have a hobby: mis-naming things. At the minute I'm getting to know Loughborough University and familiarising myself in the ancient tradition: re-naming everything so that it is at least marginally memorable.

Loughborough itself gets all kinds of nicknames, and if you had eight silent letters in your name, you would too. It's semi-official handle is Lufbra, as it's pronounced, but I prefer Low-Brow, Luoga-barouga, Louw-Borog, The El-Bro or the Balrog.
(Nathan's first rule of naming: anything is better with a definite article in front of it.)

The Log Brog loves to give it's constituent buildings high-sounding names commemorating luminaries from the past. I think you see that this makes it very. very hard to defend anything's original name, so I'm having a ball with this game.

For example, I'm typing this in Loughborough University's Pilkington Library or, as I like to call it, The PK or Player-kill.
"Hey, Maryanzebeth, I'm just off to renew my books at the Player Kill library. See you later!"

I picked up my ID card in the Edward Herbert building, which has all kind of student-union-esque facilities in it. Most people call it the Ee Haitch Bee. I call it The Ebb and Flow.

Man! Inturrupted again. Since I'm not eating any Bran in this library, maybe the time has come to rename this blog: the I'm Eating Bran in Spirit Report. What do you think?


At 2:37 pm, October 01, 2006, Blogger Laura said...

Just hurry up and get internet at home so that the bran and blog routine may commence again. (B&B) Or re-name it the not-quite bran report.

Re: renaming, running joke round these parts among the MA students is to say that we're studying for a Mac-Masters. No fries with that, please. Groan.

Enjoy the frolicks with the sport scientists, old bean.

At 4:42 pm, October 02, 2006, Blogger ck215 said...

I think you should just name people anything you want. I had a friend called Sarah, but I couldn't remember, so she became Dana. And then there's Ross. He became Jeff. And, obviously, Tyrone became Terry.


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