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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Descent

Today is my last day in the bookmines, and I have failed.

We make heavy use of a good old cage-lift, the kind you might find in an expensive American hotel or a Welsh coal-mine. Not long ago we discovered that you can open the doors mid-flight, and that doing so causes the lift to freeze for thirty seconds or so. At that point I had the greatest idea ever: posters.

That's right world, I want to recontextualise posters by putting them inside a lift-shaft. Sadly, I don't have any.

I had considered printing out some edgy internet humour, but Dinosaur Comics have two drawbacks.
1) Scrolling the archives, I found I had picked out thirteen strips that were particularly awesome, and had only examined one month.
2) Jokes about computational linguistics given out by dinosaurs can be difficult to really appreciate when they're sliding past you behind bars at five metres a second.

I also thought of putting a poster for the film "The Descent" on the walls between sub-level one and sub-level two. The problem is that I don't have said poster, and welll... OK, I'll say it: given a choice between giving up on my idea or going to see "The Descent" in a cinema just so I can get a promotional poster, well, my choice is fairly clear.

So, yeah. Failure!


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