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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The roadmap

Do you remember what I said on Tuesday about the division of labour between The Bran Report and the Plain of Shinar? Yeah, I thought about it some more and, being the goof liberal I am, I'm going to flip-flop.

Over here, I'm going to stick with all those qualities you associate with the word blog: topics chosen at random from the utterly trivial and breath-takingly overambitious ("I had toast for breakfast. God doesn't exist."), all delivered in an idiosyncratic style that says "I don't allow people to respond to me on equal terms".

Meanwhile, on the Plain of Shinar I'll try to produce posts that you could like without neccesarily liking me.

A blog that's not a direct outgrowing of my own frontal lobe? Is that a bold startegy to improve your breadth as a writer? Perhaps. Is it the act of a man who is almost pathologically conflict-avoidant? Absoloutely.


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