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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hynafgwyr can

So, because a man can only do so much reading about Turbines before he goes crazy, I spent a lot of today reading Wikipedia. As so often happens, I ended up reading something with no idea of how I had got there.

Specifically, I was reading about England's two Archbishops. In any case, I was curious about this sentance:

"John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, PhD, (born 10 June 1949) is the 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the province of York, and Primate of England. He is the second most senior cleric in the Church of England, after the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the first member of an ethnic minority to serve as an archbishop in the Church of England."

However, his immediate superior to the south, Rowan Williams, is (by nation and mother tongue) Welsh. He was definitely an Archbishop before Sentamu. If you go by language, Welsh people aren't even a majority in Wales. I don't want to get into a debate about what race even is, but I will say that when they struck Coal in the Welsh valleys a few hundred years ago, a lot of Yorkshiremen moved there.

It's almost like the Welsh have some characteristic that makes people think they're part of Britain's ethnic majority. Strange...


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