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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Animals that eat you

Someone is trying to scare me away from Scotland.

""The name of this species is similarly intimidating in many other languages. In Finnish and in Dutch it is called miekkavalas and zwaardwalvis respectively, which means "sword whale". To the Haida people native to the islands of Haida Gwaii off the coast of British Columbia, the animal was known as skana or "killing demon". The Japanese call them shachi (鯱), whose kanji character combines the radicals for fish (魚) and tiger (虎). In Chinese it's called "虎鲸" (tiger whale) or "逆戟鲸" (reversed halbert whale).""
""Isidore of Seville [7th century CE] (Etymologies, Book 12, 2:23-24): The name comes from the Greeks, who call the animal lukos. This word also indicates their morals, they rapaciously kill whatever they encounter, and always desire blood.""

And just days after Durham jumped ahead of Edinburgh in the PhD race. Coincidence? YOU DECIDE.


At 2:57 pm, January 31, 2007, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

There's a lovely video on youtube of Shamu the killer whale playfully trying to eat a girl who went into his pool for a publicity stunt. I wish I had the link...

At 3:38 pm, January 31, 2007, Blogger Nathan said...

I'm fairly sure you linked it in the Animal #5 post. I think I even commented on it.

At 5:22 pm, January 31, 2007, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

That's very true, I did.


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