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Monday, January 08, 2007

Three things that made me happy yesterday

I promise this is the last list I'll do for a while.

  1. Rainstorms that I'm not in

  2. Playing with a new way of doing things. Case in point: online grocery shopping.

  3. When Americans refer to 'pudding', meaning a particular substance. In my family growing up, the word was only ever used as you might use 'desert'. Pudding is whatever sweet food you eat after the main meal. The ONLY physical substance to be called pudding is Christmas pudding, because that's the only food you'd have for pudding eat at christmas. Sociological note: This is no longer neccesarily true. It's in the same category of words as the phrase "My first car" or "The second thing". The conflict of semantic categories produces an error message in my brain, and that makes me go "Ha ha, pudding".


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