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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Write it in your dictionaries

Today's word is bought to you by an internet comic about Dungeons and Dragons characters who come up with an escape plan that involves disguising themselves as Final Fantasy characters.



At 1:59 pm, December 13, 2006, Anonymous Maxwell Edison, having trouble with Blogger not letting me know my password. said...

fenix? FENIX?

Phoenix, you morons. Though the whole escapade could have been avoided if he'd just had some kind of armour with autophoenix ability.

Gosh. Idiots.

At 12:53 pm, December 14, 2006, Blogger Nathan said...

I suspect Fenix is the FFVI version. Maybe that passed for a subtle allusion? I don't really know, being a member of the FFVII generation when it was, yes, Phoenix.


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