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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


And while I'm not entertaining you, why not try out Achewood? The current storyline has reached the point where two cartoon cats and a stuffed bear are contemplating the ethics of revenge (in a very... applied sense. If Garfield had gone this way, the LA Times would have dropped it earlier but us edgy internet types would still love it.


At 11:53 am, January 18, 2007, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

Big up for mentioning "mome rath" in a cartoon. Nothing cooler than a bit of Jabberwocky.

Two random facts for you.

1) A friend of my mum has a picture of the jabberwocky on her wall, I always thought it was a Nazg├╗l birdy thing.

2) My boyfriend, who I adore, has deplorable music taste and listens to lots of Finnish rock music. The lyrics are SO much less intelligent than that, you just can't tell because they're in Finnish. It's things like "The king is coming with his mighty sword to chop of the heads of the unbelievers he is swinging his mighty axe!"

At 2:38 pm, January 18, 2007, Blogger Nathan said...

I'm going to start using "We have the chessboard out but you're playing whack-a-mole" all the time. If people ask me who I'm quoting, I can say it's a drunk cat with avoidant personality disorder.

Also I think the jabberwocky word with the most successful solo career is Vorpal.


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