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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


These few weeks are going to be spotty as far as bloggin' is concerned. You see, as much as I like writing outraged missives about pronouns or the East Midlands, my real job is to know whether Cadmium Telluride is better than Amorphous Silicon (it totally is). In two weeks I have to proove my worth in the only way I know how: by playing a three-hour written version of Just A Minute.

I just want to say that while I'm busily trying to remember if the Betz limit applies to water turbines, I am also really glad that the comments field has become a value-add. Please, please keep commenting on my works throughout my life. Your wit reflects well on me.



At 11:46 am, January 18, 2007, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

Does it apply to water turbines? You Betz it does!

I'll show myself out.

At 2:11 pm, January 19, 2007, Blogger Laura said...

I've always felt Just a Minute to be a somewhat disappointing alternative to ISIHAC. Do you think they would let you sing a ditty about water turbines to the tune of 'Tulips from Amsterdam?' No, I didn't think so either. Good luck not hestating or deviating!


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