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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ich benötige meine Schmerz

I rent movies and copy them onto my hard-drive. I rationalise to myself that this is OK because they are for personal use, and I consider a five-day obsessive re-viewing cycle to be included in the mandate of the rental. While I'm doing that, other people may as well be enjoying the movie- especially in today's case, where I only got the film to listen to the Riff, I figure i may as well copy it and send it back into circulation. I'm increasing the value of the rental serive, therefore increasing the value of the DVD, therefore helping out the copyright holders. SO.

I have a program, and a darn fine one, to do the job but it has... quirks. Like, you can have a film with subtitles, or without. A mostly English film where folks occaisionally say something in Elvish or Klingon will NOT have helpful one-scene subtitles if you didn't set them to "on" at the get-go.

This what led me to say "Man, Vulcan really sounds a lot like German, doesn't it?"

Yeah. Apparently this DVD's first (and therefore, according to my software, default) audio track isn't the language of first production: it's the first alphabetically. Deutsch.

Time to see how much of The Final Frontier I remember. Does this one have the Crystalline Entity? Or the Genesis device?

Oh well. I guess it's just you and me, Mike. Let's do this thing.


At 11:54 am, May 17, 2007, Blogger Rob McC said...

hey, have you checked out the latest version of handbrake yet? i've only used it a couple of times but i think it tells you the language of each audio/subtitle track, rather than just numbering them. (i think)

At 5:50 pm, May 17, 2007, Blogger Nathan said...

Actually, I'm on Media Fork 0.8. It does tell you ehat the tracks are (well, it doesn't distinguish between English audio and English commentary). The trouble is that it's all on its own in a spereate tab that I don't always check before I set it off on its multi-hour importing process.

At 12:10 pm, May 18, 2007, Blogger Rob McC said...

ah, media fork and handbrake have now merged (handbrake 0.8.5 beta 1).


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