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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am lazy and weak-willed, but I made this


It's true, you know.


At 11:23 pm, November 07, 2006, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

Makes a change from hatred.

Best. Self. Portrait. Ever.

At 11:32 pm, November 07, 2006, Blogger Nathan said...

In this page I also used the phrase "as you might expect". I do this all the time, but it's not passive voice and so markers hate it so hard. I'm not changing it though, becuase I believe in being myself.

Also... hatred? I hear that's a path to the dark side, so I hope you're not talking about me. ":("

At 12:55 pm, November 08, 2006, Anonymous Emathy said...

Oh for the joy of Multicols and actually being able to fit a picture to a column! I feel your joy!

At 1:01 pm, November 08, 2006, Blogger Nathan said...

Girl, that ain't multicols. I'm alls about the \documentclass[11pt]{proc}, and I set all images with the [width] condition. It does throw up about a million warnings while it's doing it's compile thing, but it works.

At 4:34 pm, November 08, 2006, Blogger Maxwell Edison said...

I think we were playing articulate or the other game (the one with the red questions of doom) once and you were asked to draw a self portrait, and you drew a square with two eyes and the caption "I AM BECOME HATRED".

Then again my memory is scary sometimes. Do you remember Ape Rocket!!1? Ape rocket ONE?! What were they thinking!


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