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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Hours

According to the national guidelines on what constitutes a modular MSc, I will accrue 180 credits over the next fifty weeks. Since each 'credit' is deemed to be ten hours of work, I'm on a schedule of 36 hours a week (assuming no time off for holidays, exams, or the like). However, I've figured out that I need to work another ten hours a week to cover my tuition fees and maybe another two or three to stave off starvation.

Let me tell you, there's nothing more destructive to your self-esteem than when you apply for a job selling popcorn in a multiplex and they don't even call you back.

My traditional occupation (psychological guinea pig) has failed me ths week: the project was, in essence, 'stay awake for money' and it paid real good. Sadly, the only day of the week I could stay in the lab for was at the weekend, and for some reason this violates the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Assosiation. Other things that violate the ethical guidelines: not telling you the full deal after the experiment is over, taking photos of people, and long lines for lunch.

When I do eventually get my service-sector job among teenagers and stoners, I will wear a badge that says "Ask me about my MPhys".


At 1:17 pm, November 08, 2006, Anonymous Emmathy said...

There is nothing I like more about my masters than spending my social time serving champagne and 3 course dinners to people that not only can afford such pleasures but are enevitably in love or among good friends and in any case looking down on the waitress in the funny red tie and un-ironed shirt. Poor unintelligent girl, they think, without even the hint of sympaty that comment implies!

No I'm not bitter, not bitter at all!


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