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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Greeting card integration

Once again Valentine's day has found me listening to the Lord of the Rings audiobook and sipping a soy latté.

I don't think I'm alone in being wildly indifferent (even antipathetic) to V-day but it is, in certain circles, a huge deal. Perhaps I'm too rational, perhaps too sincere to get involved.

I had a post planned in which I talked about the disconnect between the relative insignificance of V-day compared to dates that actually mean something to me like, say, the last weekend in May or the first Monday in October. I compared it to integration over the whole population, thereby giving the truth to the links I already made. Now, though, I am so tired. So very tired.


At 12:16 am, February 15, 2007, Blogger Peter said...

That's all well and good, but celebrate your goddamn birthday. Need a reason? You can parlay it into free things.

At 11:23 am, February 16, 2007, Blogger Nathan said...

My original post was going to mention vectors, but when I thought about it I realised that my explanatyion would need vectors in a 365-dimensional space. That is, it's not really clearer than just making my point in words.

Basically, although no-one cares that much about Valentines day, we do all point our begrudging recognition in the same direction. On the other hand, while my birthday is actually significant to me, the population as a whole have diffused their birthday-care over the whole year. This is why Groundhog Day gets more press than than St. Giles Fair.

At 10:28 pm, February 18, 2007, Blogger ck215 said...

Valentines is the best day-before-a-day in the whole year!


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