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Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's pronounced "Part A"

Sometimes numbers have significance that has nothing to do with their properties. Since they are associations and not meanings, they are different for eveyone. Some of these eanings you derive from culture, some from your own idosyncratic past. 1066 if you're English, 1492 if you're American, 1859 if you miss having a religious identity.

For me, some significant numbers include 658 (my parental home phone number), X9 (the bus service that I used almost every time I left the house on my own) and 55 (brotherhood).

To me, 88 is an ichthys for monsters, but I have learned that it is also used among Chinese speakers as a shorthand for "Bye", and in the world of hip-hop. I assume none of these groups is aware of it's significance to the others.

This is the post which moves the Bran Report from having 99 posts to having one hundred. Or, if you prefer, from 1100100 to 1100101. Or, from a number of posts which is a product of three primes to a number that is a product of only two.

Congratulations, blog! I attribute some meaning to this arbitary boundary and therefore extend ritualistic good wishes to your personalised self!



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